about FASSNA

The  Fine Arts and Service Society of N.A. (FASSNA) was formed with the twin  objective of promoting fine arts and cultivating a spirit of community  engagement. As illustrated in our Organization's motto, "Counting Our Blessings, Making Blessings Count", FASSNA is committed to this twin objective.

The  promotion of fine and applied arts through initiatives like - classical  music programs involving young artists from the community, programs and  workshops by eminent artists to help understand and appreciate the  nuances of the traditional art forms and other inspiring events - is  represented in the first half of our motto, "Counting Our Blessings".

The  expression of gratitude for the good things in life that allow us to  appreciate these art forms will be in the form of community engagement.  This is represented in the second part of our motto, "Making Blessings  Count".

FASSNA   is committed to providing a forum for young artists from our community  to perform and participate in this endeavor to promote and propagate  fine arts. We will also strive to organize events to inspire and help  the community gain an appreciation of the traditional art forms.

We  are also committed to continuously seek opportunities to engage with  the community, instilling a spirit of community service in all,  particularly the young. Wherever possible, without reinventing the  wheel, we will strive to work with other charitable institutions and  initiatives, contributing towards and enhancing their good work.

The  measure of our impact will not be in the quantity of programs conducted  but more on the purposeful nature of our limited offerings. With the  support of artists, patrons of fine art and community members, we can  succeed in this endeavor.

​We  are grateful to many accomplished artists and community activists  around the world for their best wishes and words of encouragement. We  will rely on their honorary guidance to help this endeavor towards the  stated objective.

FASSNA  has been incorporated with the noble intention of promoting fine arts  and leveraging it as a catalyst, a bridge towards engagement with the  community.

The Fine  Arts and Service Society of North America Inc. (FASSNA) is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit incorporated in the state of New York. Contributions to support our endeavor may be tax deductible to the  extent permitted by law.

The  directors of FASSNA volunteer their time and take no remunerations. Any  funds received are used for supporting the conduct of our events and  supporting charitable causes.

 “I  expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I  can do, ... let me do it now, ...for I shall not pass this way again.”  - William Penn

For more information, please email us at info@fassna.org